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How Do I Set A Follow-Up Reminder?
How Do I Set A Follow-Up Reminder?
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You can now setup a follow-up reminders for your message inbox inside LeadsTunnel to help you segment on the leads that you need to follow-up. Follow-Up Reminders are enabled automatically with a 5 days setting as default.

You can adjust the time or disable the feature by going to your Notifications > LeadsBot > Settings.

"Suggest Conversation to Reply To" reminds you of leads that have responded your last message but you have not yet replied.

"Suggest Conversation To Follow-Up With" reminds you of leads that you have reached out to but have not yet responded to your last message.

You can also disable reminders for individual contact. You can do this simply by going to the contact's lead profile and deselect the reminder that you no longer wish to receive for a specific contact and click save. LeadsBot will stop reminding you to follow-up with the contact once this has been deselected until you have re-enable it for the contact.

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