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What Is Lead Validation?
What Is Lead Validation?
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Lead Validation is the process of separating sales leads from other types of conversions generated through your lead forms. At LeadsTunnel, each lead is assigned with a lead validation status which is either "Active" or "Inactive" and the status is determined based on your lead's interaction with the automated email sent through your campaign.

An Active Lead Validation status means that a lead has received your initial automated email from your campaign and opened your email or responded your initial automated SMS.

An Inactive Lead Validation status means that a lead has not responded to your automated email at all.

You can also manually update a lead validation status through a lead's profile if the lead is no longer interested or no longer qualify as your sales lead.

An active lead has much more conversion potential as they are more engaged with you. Hence, lead validation helps you separate your sales leads so that that you do not waste time on non-responsive leads.

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