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How Do I Set Up A Web Form Campaign?
How Do I Set Up A Web Form Campaign?
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The web form provides an easy way for you to embed an opt-in form directly on your website to collect lead information. This feature is available in all three pricing plans: Starter, Pro, and Business.

To set up a web form campaign:

1. On the side navigation menu, click on the "+" icon next to Campaigns.

2. Click the "+CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN" button, and choose "Widget Lead Form" as the campaign type.

3. Enter in a campaign name and a web form name. Select how you want to be notified when a lead submits a form via the widget. Click "Next".

4. Next step is to set up your web lead form. (If you're on the Business plan, the next step is to set up lead distribution for leads that come through via the web form).

5. Set up the lead form fields. There are 5 fields available by default. Simply toggle the switch to enable the field. If the field is required, check the box next to"Required". If you want to add placeholder text on the field, click on the "arrow" to expand the field and enter in the placeholder text.

You may also set up to 3 additional custom fields. Simply click on "Add Custom Field".

Toggle the switch to enable the custom field. On the label section, enter the name of the field. Under Placeholder, under in a placeholder text if you like. If you want to make this custom field required, check the box next to "Required". If you want to delete the custom field, click on the red trash can icon.

6. Next, customize the confirmation message text to be displayed to your lead after a lead has completed the web form.

Alternatively, you can redirect your lead to a custom url after your lead has completed the lead form. To enter in the custom url link, you must enter in https or http in order for it to show up correctly.

7. Once you're done, click "Save". A window will pop up with the embed code. Click on the copy icon in the corner to copy the code and paste it on your website.

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