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Additional users can be added to a Business account. All usage credits (both free and paid), as well as the account budget and leads limit are all shared amongst the users in the same account.

You may add an additional user either as an Admin or a User.

Admin Roles & Permission:

  • Has full visibility and control of the entire account including all campaigns and all leads and contacts' information and conversations between users (even when the lead is not assigned to the specific Admin)

  • Ability to change billing information, subscription plan, and credit usage and balance

  • Ability to add/remove users and edit users' profiles

  • Ability to create/edit/remove campaigns

  • Ability to create/edit/remove integrations

  • Ability to add leads manually

User Roles & Permission:

  • Ability to see and converse with leads that are assigned to them

  • Ability to adjust own email/SMS lead notification settings if it is enabled by the Admin

  • Ability to assign lead to another user or Admin

To learn how to add a user to your account, view this article here.

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