SMS Usage Billing

This article explains how SMS usage is calculated and charged in LeadsTunnel.

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Our in-app SMS messaging, SMS automation, and SMS lead notification features are only available in the Pro and Business Plan. It is entirely optional if you want to use these features for your business. 

Up To $10 In Free Usage Credits Each Month

Each month, we reload free usage credits into your account. This free usage credits resets every month and any unused credits will not be rolled over to the next month. 

Once your free credit is used, we will start to deduct from your Account balance. You can set a monthly account spending limit and auto-charge your account when it hits a certain balance inside your LeadsTunnel account under "Subscription". 

Here are the free usage credit amounts by Plan:

Pro Plan - $5 free credits per month
Business Plan - $10 free credits per month

Usage Rates For SMS 

LeadsTunnel supports sending and receiving SMS messages with SMS-enabled phone numbers around the world for both in-app SMS messaging and SMS automation capabilities. SMS usage is charged according to Twilio's current SMS pricing, rounded up to the nearest cent. 

Here are our current SMS rates based on Twillio's current pricing for our top-tiered countries.

Please note: Each SMS has a maximum of 160 characters including spaces. This means if you send a message that is over this character limit, you will end up sending more than one SMS message. 

SMS Lead Notification

SMS usage also applies to SMS Lead Notification. This means if you wish to receive a SMS text notification each time a new lead is generated from your campaign(s), you will be charged based on the location of the SMS phone number you have entered. For instance, if you entered in a US mobile phone number to receive SMS notification, you will be charged according to Twilio's SMS pricing to the US, rounded to the nearest cent.

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