When you disable a campaign inside LeadsTunnel, any new leads generating during this period will not be synced to LeadsTunnel and any CRM and/or Email Service Providers you have set up for the specific campaign. 

Depending on the campaign type, you may or may not be able to retrieve the leads generated during the time your campaigns are disabled. 

Facebook Lead Ad

To backtrack all the leads there are generated during the time your campaign was disabled:

  1. Sign into your LeadsTunnel account.

  2. Go to Dashboard and locate the disabled Facebook Lead Ad campaign. 

  3. Toggle the switch to enable the campaign. 

  4. Click on the Campaign name. On the "Details" section, click on the "Retrieve" button under "Form Leads" to backtrack all the leads that were generated during the time the campaign was disabled to LeadsTunnel. 

  5. Then click on the "Resync'" button under "Sync'd Leads" to push all the leads to your CRM and/or ESP if you have set it up. 

Google Lead Ad Extension

Unfortunately, once you disabled a Google campaign. All leads generated during that time cannot be retrieved. However, you can log into your Google Ads account to download the leads data. Please note: Google only stores your lead information for 30 days. 

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