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What Is An Automated Message?
What Is An Automated Message?
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Based on your lead ad campaign objective, you can enable Automated Messages to send out a campaign-specific message to your leads upon their form submission. 

This feature allows you to engage with your leads as soon as possible so that they know what to expect from you next. 

There are 2 types of Automated Messages: 1) Email and 2) SMS. 

You can enable both types of Automated Messages for each campaign or just choose one over another. 

However, once you have enabled Automated Messages, the activities involved will be contributed to the lead scoring metric. 

For instance, if the Automated Email is delivered successfully, It will add 10 points to the overall Lead Score. If the lead opens the Automated Email, it will add another 20 points.

For Automated SMS, we are only able to track whether the message is successfully delivered to the lead's phone number. If successful, it will add 10 points to the overall Lead Score. 

Just by enabling Automated Message, you can turn a lead from a Warm score to a Hot Score. This is important because the more your lead interacts with you and provides you with accurate contact information, it shows a level of commitment and interest to your business. To further monetize from these leads, a sales follow-up strategy needs to be in place to close these potential customers! 

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