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How Do I Enable Automated Email?
How Do I Enable Automated Email?
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An Automated Email is a campaign-specific message that gets sent out automatically the moment a new lead is received. 

Each campaign can have a different Automated Email message depending on your lead ad campaign objective. The purpose is to engage with your leads as soon as possible so that they know what to expect from you next after their form submission. 

You can enable Automated Email upon your LeadsTunnel campaign creation under the "Automated Messages" Tab. 

To enable Automated Email: 

  1. Go to Campaign > Campaign Settings > Automated Messages 

  2. Check the box beside "Enable Email Automation" at the top. 

  1. Fill out the Subject Line, Sender's name, and type in your email message

  2. If you want to save the email message as a template, click on the "Save As Template" button. 

  3. A window will pop up so you can enter in the template name. The next time you want to use the same template, you can choose it under the Template drop-down menu. 

  4. Finally, click on the blue "Create" button and you're done! 

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