Not only does LeadsTunnel synchronizes our leads directly from the lead source (e.g., Facebook, Google etc.) to your CRM or Email Service Provider (ESP) of choice in real-time, it can also be your lead management platform so that you can manage and engage with your leads directly. 

This means when setting up a LeadsTunnel campaign, you do not need to integrate it with a CRM or Email Service provider. This step is optional during campaign creation.

However, to ensure that you do not miss out on any hot leads. You can set up lead notification alerts so that each time a new lead is generated from a campaign, you will be notified either through email, SMS or both. 

To set up a LeadsTunnel campaign for lead notifications only:

1. On the left side bar, click on the round plus (+) sign next to Campaigns. 

2. On the "Search Or Create Campaign" modal screen, click on the blue "Create New Campaign" button.

3. Choose your campaign type and click "Next". In this example, we will use Facebook Lead Ad. 

4. On the campaign creation step, enter in the Campaign name, select the appropriate Facebook page and Facebook lead form.

5. Under the "Notifications" section, check the boxes for email and SMS notification each time a new lead is generated from this campaign. Then click "Save".

6. On the Integrations tab, click "Skip" so that you do not need to integrate the campaign with any CRM or ESP.

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