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Why Am I Missing Leads In My Email Autoresponder?
Why Am I Missing Leads In My Email Autoresponder?
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Inside LeadsTunnel's campaign level, you should see the number of leads received by LeadsTunnel and the number of leads synced to your email autoresponder. If the number leads synced shown inside LeadsTunnel does not match with the leads you actually received inside your autoresponder, you can troubleshoot with these methods:

  1. Update the Facebook Token under LeadsTunnel's settings.

  2. Update the Facebook Leads Form through LeadsTunnel's campaign level.

  3. Ensure you had selected a list from your autoresponder during the setup. If your integration list shows "Nil", it means not list is selected and you will need to recreate the campaign to correct the issue.

  4. Click on the "Resync" button inside the campaign inside LeadsTunnel to see if the leads can be resynced to your email autoresponder/ CRM.

  5. Check inside your email autoresponder if you have enabled double opt-in for the list or API. If double opt-in is enabled, your leads are required to confirm in order they can be added to the email lists. Hence, there may be a discrepancies in the number if some of your leads did not confirm.  (It is best to check with the email autoresponder/ CRM to double check if double opt-in is enabled and for some email autoresponder, it does require their support team to disable the feature manually on the backend).

If you have tried the above methods and you are still experiencing issue, please reach out to our support team at for further assistance.

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