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Do I Need A Website For Lead Ads?
Do I Need A Website For Lead Ads?
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In order for your lead ad to be approved on Facebook, you need to have your own website to comply with Facebook ad policies.  You should at least have a main website with basic information and content about your business.  It should include a Home page, About Us page, and a Contact Us page in the navigation bar.  The website should also include your Privacy Policy, Refund Policy (if applicable), and Terms of Use in the footer.

After someone fills out the lead ad form, you generally re-direct them to a thank you page/confirmation page, or website thanking them for submitting their information.  This is something that would be created from within your CRM/AR/Webinar platform.  A thank you page is optional, but ideally you would want to drive people back to your website if they have completed the lead form.

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