We strongly recommend that while using Lead Ads, you strictly limit your affiliate promotions to correspondence outside of Facebook.  

You should not have any issues creating Ads or using LeadsTunnel as long as your activity adheres to the Facebook Community Standards & Ad Policies. However, we want our customers to be vigilant of Facebook's policies and err on the side of caution with Facebook advertising. Non-compliance with Facebook policies, whether intentional or unintentional may result in your account being banned.

Facebook Terms of Use do not allow for bridging offers of ANY kind with Lead Ads. In order to adhere to their terms of use (and avoid any insinuation of bridging) you should generally avoid having affiliate information, promotions or offers on your Lead Ad, Thank You Page OR the site with your privacy policy.  Anything you provide to Facebook is subject to these terms of use, so it is highly suggested that you limit any affiliate promotions to emails that will be sent after the lead has been collected and transferred to your CRM/AR/Webinar platform.

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