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Facebook Integration
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To connect your Facebook account with LeadsTunnel, you will need to follow the steps below:

1. On the left navigation menu, where it shows your account email address, click to expand a drop down menu and select "Account".

2. Under Integrations, click on the "Connect With Facebook" button to connect your Facebook account. (Please ensure you are connecting with the Facebook account that has admin access to your business pages and ad accounts in order for LeadsTunnel to have access to your lead forms).

3. Log into your Facebook account to give LeadsTunnel permission to access your lead forms.

4. Then, it will ask if you want to continue with your account. Click on the Continue as button to give LeadsTunnel permission to access your Facebook account.

5. Next, select the pages you wish to use with LeadsTunnel and then click "Next".

6. Then. ensure to allow LeadsTunnel to manager your pages and access leads for your pages. Click on the "Done" button to proceed.

7. You have now integrated LeadsTunnel with your Facebook account.

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